Academic courses, public workshops, lectures, seminars. Mentorships. Student projects.

Academic Courses

Currently, I work as an Assistant Professor of Digital Art and Computing at the Department of Digital Art, Faculty of Media and Communications, Singidunum University, Belgrade, Serbia. I also work as a Research Associate and Visiting Lecturer at the Good Old AI Lab, Department of Software Engineering, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade, Serbia.

At the Faculty of Media and Communications, I try to foster a transdisciplinary studio environment in collaboration with Isidora Nikolić, Borut Vild, and Darija Medić.

Along with teaching, I have created a group of interactive art courses for the Department of Digital Art, which was seen as a pioneering effort within Serbian high education system. Courses include:

Creative Coding: Algorithm, Image, and Text
Programming for Artists, Designers, and Writers
Data Visualization and Data Art
Interactive Narrative and Ergodic Literature
Interaction Design and Critical Making

At the University of Belgrade, I lecture on data visualization and AI-related poetics, æsthetics, and ethics. My regular collaborators are Jelena Jovanović and Vladan Devedžić.

My past academic experience include research work at the Metacreation Lab, School of Interactive Arts + Technology, SFU, Vancouver, Canada, and a residency at the Media Interaction Lab, School of Informatics, Communication and Media, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Hagenberg, Austria.

Petnica Design Programme

Occasionally, I teach at the Petnica Science Center Design Programme. Petnica is a talent campus for high school students from Serbia and the Balkans, located between a forest, a lake, and a cave near the city of Valjevo. Yearly design programme in Petnica consists of several one- and two-week seminars, where 15-30 selected students learn about basics of design and other creative endeavours by making their own projects. Topics range from graphic, industrial, and interactive design to visual art, creative writing, creative coding, video and animation.

Design Programme was founded by Borut Vild and developed by Isidora Nikolić and Vesna Pejović. It is currently led by Igor Rajković and Teodora Ćirić, with a group of exceptional junior assistants, including Miloš Nikolić, Jelena Pejović, Saša Mitrović, Tijana Radovanović, Nada Todorović, Una Korica, Sonja Jovanović, Miloš Desko Ćosović, Boban Živanović, Marija Pilčević, Ivan Avdić, and others.

A long time ago, I was a young astronomy student in Petnica. I find this experience valuable for our common goal of creating new constellations of anti-disciplinary knowledge across design, art, science, and tech.

Digital Prayer, Kristina Tica, 2020
Generative Music Visualization, Jelena Pejović, 2019
Glitch Brush, Miloš Desko Ćosović, 2017

Mentorships and Student Projects

I’ve been a teacher and mentor of several award-winning students, the most prominent being Kristina Tica, Jelena Pejović, and Miloš Desko Ćosović:

Kristina Tica’s master project Digital Prayer was the winner of the Serbian national art+science AI Lab selection, organized by the Centre for the Promotion of Science within the European ARTificial Intelligence Lab. Digital Prayer was created by employing Generative Adversarial Neural Networks over a database of scanned icon paintings. Thus, a relation has been established between the canonical structure of an Orthodox icon and the image artificially created through computer program. In 2020 the project was presented at Ars Electronica.

Jelena Pejović won several Best Student and Best Student Project awards at the Faculty of Media and Communications. Her undergraduate project Generative Music Visualization employs p5.js programs for creating responsive animated visuals in real-time.

Miloš Desko Ćosović won the Faculty of Media and Communications’s Best Student Project award for his master project Glitch Brush, which uses JavaScript-based glitch aesthetics in combination with real-time digital drawing. Project was publicly exhibited as a 3D mapping installation in Serbia and France.


I publish content and communicate with collaborators, students, and friends via email and social networks, such as Facebook, Behance, YouTube, Vimeo, and GitHub.

If you find my workshops and courses interesting and my transdisciplinary approach to teaching appealing, feel free to contact me via email.