Today, when our lives are strongly influenced by algorithms and Big Data, the need for a new type of designers, artists, and storytellers has emerged – a need for those who understand computers, networks, and information technologies. They will invent and develop new visual and technological languages which will allow understanding and talking about the modernity. Unlike classical programmers, they will be able not only to build new things, but also to imagine new realities.

Interactive Art + Design, Data Art, and Data Visualization represent a new language for new designers, artists, and storytellers.

During this workshop, participants get familiar with basic concepts and techniques of data visualization, generative art, and generative design. The participants are encouraged to look at coding not only as a digital tool but also as a form of expression, art, and design. This approach allows the participants to develop their own language of generative visuals and animation, which they use to describe a real-time data stream.

Since these visualizations also work as interactive animated Web sites, the participants will be able to upload them to the Web and use them for their portfolios.

This workshop is tailored for all curios people, regardless of their profession. Previous coding knowledge is not necessary. Participants are expected to be inquisitive, sharp-witted, aspiring to learn and make new things.

Technologies: P5.js, Processing, JavaScript, HTML, CSS.