In 1997, Deep Blue, the IBM Artificial Chess Intelligence, defeated Garry Kasparov, the World Champion at the time. Two years later, during the bombing of Belgrade, artist Era Milivojević created a performance at the Faculty of Philosophy. With self-adhesive tapes, he drew graphic traces of the 6 games played by Kasparov and Deep Blue. This is how the piece Rematch Man versus Machine came to be. The piece drew a parallel between this historic chess match and the situation in which the people of Belgrade found themselves at the time, standing against one of the first instances of software for automated drone control. Milivojević's work is thus an example of Data Art and our first monument to Artificial Intelligence.

The digital project Re:Rematch Man+Machine vs Man+Machine is a tribute to Era Milivojević. The project maps all possible chess games and their graphic traces. It consists of a computer program, written for this occasion, animation pieces and graphic works. The code is open, free, and openly licensed, and is available on my GitHub.

Re:Rematch Man+Machine vs Man+Machine is the subject of my essay Androids don't dream of anything (Androidi ne sanjaju ništa). The essay talks about the possibility of imagining joint struggles of humans and computers against the destruction that threatens us from the future – instead of struggles of humans against the computers.

Re: Rematch Man+Machine vs Man+Machine was presented at the Department of Digital Art, Faculty of Media and Communications, during a lecture on generative design.