The publication Mapping: Nature Spaces was created with the idea of presenting unusual authors, artists and collectives, whose creative practice takes place outside, beyond or on the margins of official institutional frameworks. Such practices are most often born out of one's own strength and enthusiasm.

Through the work of such authors, according to the editor Mina Nenadović, art "becomes a living thing, relevant, entertaining and penetrating."

Created during the pandemic, in 2020 and 2021, this publication is thematically woven around nature and the relationship between nature and art. It contains four essays: Land Art by Ana Ratković Sobota, Bio Art by Adrienn Újházi, Introspective Drawing by Ivana Arandjelović, as well as the essay On Gardening (O gajenju vrta), which I wrote in autumn 2020. The publication also contains six interviews conducted by Nenadović. She interviewed essay writers, as well as Boris Bogdanović and Kristina Rutar.

Težak gušt from Belgrade is the publisher of the book, while Delta Pres Mladenovac is the executive publisher. The first book promotion and the accompanying exhibition takes place in Kvaka 22, Belgrade, December 24.