Good Old AI Lab is an internationally recognized lab and network of award-winning researchers, engineers, and students working in the fields of applied artificial intelligence and software engineering, situated at the University of Belgrade. Prof. Vladan Devedžić is the principal of the lab.

For several years I worked at the Good Old AI Lab as a research and teaching assistant. I still collaborate with the lab as a research associate and a visiting lecturer.

This project came to be in 2009. as an experimental new media reimagining of its visual identity, a plant-like spiral structure. I've made it by walking and cycling with a GPS device through Paris, France – the capital of psychogeography and situationism, the geo-drawing poligon of F. Hundertwasser.

The entire design is 64 km long. It was my first experience with the practive of GPS art. As such, it opened avenues for projects in the fields of experimental geography and cartography.

It was when the project was already conceptualized that I've discovered Nazca geoglyphs in South America, large land art created by the ancient Nazca culture. One of the geoglyphs was a spiral-shaped monkey-like creature, eerily similar to Good Old AI logo. This synchronicity became an inspiration for the geoglyph and GPS art workshop I created for the Plan D Design Festival and Conference in 2018.

The Good Old AI Lab GPS design was presented at the S.U.T.R.A. Festival of New Media and Digital Art in Belgrade, Serbia, in 2014.