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The All-Aligned are an AI art generator of infinitely different flags, an expert system for vexillology, study of flags, and to a certain extent heraldry, study of coat of arms, ensigns, and armorial bearings.

The software was written in Python (back-end) and JavaScript (front-end). The heart of the software consists of digital systems of statistical distributions for mapping semantics to graphics. Ideas and concepts (pirate, Balkan, libertarian, ecological, dark, etc.) are being mapped onto graphic elements (colors, layouts, symbols, new shapes, etc.).

The term “anarchy”, for example, increases the probability that the layout will be diagonal, that the palette will be black and red, and that a graphic version of the anarchist letter A will be extracted from the character base. Similarly, the term “ecological” is associated with shades of green, the term “student” with emblems student campuses, etc. It is up to the users to select the parameters (ideas and concepts), adjust the sliders and click Generate. With each new click, the software automatically produces completely new flags according to the entered parameters.

Currect version of the software is published on GitHub as a free open source project, under the GNU General Public Licence v3.0.

If you wish to support our project, think about buying a unique flag as a physical object and a signed artwork.