Uzrok Studio was an interaction and information design and film production studio founded and led by Srđan Keča, Bojan Franzee Brankov, Luka Knežević-Strika, Jovan Vesić, and me.

One of our first projects was Foreign Affairs, an interactive Web visualization of minister's travel expenses. The visualization was based on a data set provided by the BIRN Investigative Journalism Team in Belgrade.

When published on BIRN's portal Javno in 2013, the visualization created a significant viral effect.

In 2019 I wrote an essay for Balkans Media about this project (in Serbo-Croatian), taking it as a use case for showing dos and don'ts in contemporary data journalism. I focused on shortcomings of the project, in order to stress the importance of self-assessment.

Foreign Affairs was presented at the Republika Fest in Rijeka, Croatia, at the Point Conference in Sarajevo, BiH, as well as during an artist talk in Nova Iskra, Belgrade, Serbia.