The algorithmic flag workshop is a collective exercise in digital alignment and categorization.

The first part of the workshop is dedicated to algorithmic co-creation of flags. Participants generate flags using the AI system All-Aligned and select those with which they identify. Then, they modify and refine these flags using various digital tools for visual design, such as Illustrator and Inkscape. While doing this, participants engage in discussions about algorithmic culture in the context of social identities and algocracy.

The second part of the workshop is a public presentation of the flags created during the first part of the workshop. This part represents a kind of performance. Each participant displays their flag and says, I am so-and-so, and the audience raises their hand if they also identify with it. The most important rule: the hand can either be raised or not. Identity logic is binary, even if there are infinitely many algorithmic flags.

The first such workshop took place at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje, Montenegro, as part of the Fluid Design Forum in spring 2023. The workshop was accompanied by the All-Aligned exhibition. The second workshop was held at the Manifesto Gallery in Sarajevo, BiH, also coinciding with the local opening of the All-Aligned exhibition.