I started making this diary in January 2020, using an ordinary black felt-tip pen (0.2) and (sometimes) wooden colors, like the ones I used in elementary school. The diary is unintentional and mostly meaningless,1 like a simple meditation. My friends convinced me to scan it and upload it here. Some say it reminds them of encrypted data streams, others read them as obsessive footprints of epidemic isolation. Some have tried in vain to interpret them. There is nothing to interpret: that's why I drew them, so that I wouldn't have to think.

The entire sketchbook was shown at the 6 Notebooks exhibition in the Social Centre Krov (Roof) in Belgrade, on May 15, 2021. The exhibition was curated by Srđan Tunić and Aleksandar Jevtić. Artists include David Debeljević, Jelena Ilić, Dunavski Buzukije, Endo, Ivana Arandjelović and me.

Curators said: “The exhibition shows the works of six authors who employ the form of an art sketchbook. Some of these works were created spontaneously, some were carefully planned, as autonomous works. Art sketchbooks are not something that the audience often has the opportunity to see, they are not packaged so that they have maximum exhibition or commercial potential, but they allow us to peek into the personal, sometimes obsessive, thought process of the author. Each of these notebooks, in addition to being a work of art, is also a diary. So we see how the authors talk to themselves and we see how concentrated, transcendent, dynamic, meaningful and performative that conversation can be.”