The All-Aligned bot is an automatic Twitter bot which generate infinitely different flags. It was built upon the All-Aligned software system. Flags are being generated in a fractal fashion, ad infinitum. The software is an AI art generator, an expert system for vexillology.

The project poses the questions regarding the relationship between technology and ideology. When we choose a flag, have we really chosen it ourselves or have we simply been hooked on an automatised hook? While scrolling and liking increases our dopamine and serotonin levels, do we have an illusion of the freedom of choice? Do we control the symbols or are they controling us? And generally speaking, could there be aesthetic solutions for structural issues?

The All-Aligned Bot was a part of the S.U.T.R.A. Festival of Digital Art in the Museum of Science and Technology in Belgrade, Serbia, in September 2022. The exhibition was curated by Ivan Stanić.